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Been a while since I have written…that’s what happens when you get so busy 😉

I wanted to tell you about a brand new video site that was just launched by my good friend and business partner Ron Douglas:

Now, if you sign up from the above link, you get 21 days for free, then there is a small, annual fee.  That in and of itself is a good deal.

But because Ron and I are friends, he’s letting me tell you about a special JV Invite that he has.

Join from this second link and get your account for free…for life!

I predict Video Forward will be the next great video posting site and now you can get in on the ground floor! Sign up now!


Mike Filsaime’s 7 Figure Secrets…

Well, if you have not heard of 7 Figure Secrets by now you must be either very new on line or live in a cave  😉

When this site first launch almost 2 years ago, you got a great report, plus some terrific bonuses.

You also had to sign up for the newsletter to be able to take advantage of this offer, but there have been some changes recently…

– The newsletter is now OPTIONAL. Even though you do NOT need to subscribe, I highly suggest you do. The newsletter has undergone a very extensive overhaul and is much MUCH better and information packed than before!

– The newsletter is a little cheaper now…

– You get access to Instant Affiliate Website whether you subscribe to the newsletter or not. It USED to be that if you canceled, you lost access to IAW – but not anymore!

Now, even though 7 Figure Secrets is free, there IS a small shipping and handling charge. You  are shipped a physical product. But the content is worth 100x that small fee.

Take advantage of this now. You get some killer information by one of the most successful marketers on line today.


There you go…two great products for free! Go grab yours now.

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