Crazy? Or Shrewd? You Tell Me…

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By now I am sure you have been inundated with emails regarding Mike Filsaime’s upcoming Butterfly Marketing 2.0 Free Giveaway. And I am sure you have questions.


What’s the catch?

Before I answer those 2 for you, let me say that unlike what you may have read in other emails today, I for one am not “pissed” that Mike is giving away 5,000 copies of BFM 2.0

>>See Here:

I speak from 100% personal experience that this package has helped me tremendously since the day of it’s release more than three years ago. Me AND my business.

I truly believe – from my experience – that if you have this powerful package in your possession, and you learn it, understand it and APPLY it, it WILL help you too.

And that’s what this is all about…helping people succeed.

Do me a favor…go to right now and type in:  site powered by butterfly marketing and take a look at all of the Butterfly Sites all over the net.

There’s a reason there’s so many. They just work. They have made many people many thousands of dollars and have even made a few people wealthy.

Why would you NOT want one?

Which brings me back to the earlier questions…

Why? Simple. 2 prevailing reasons. Mike wants to help as many people as he can. And, he wants YOU in his recurring newsletter.

The catch? Like I said – you will be signed up for his monthly recurring newsletter. He does say that in his video here:

But understand – he has been selling BFM 1 at just under $2,000 for many years now. And now he wants to give you one simply for trying out his newsletter – which you can cancel at any time.

Do you realize that you would have to be his subscriber for several YEARS to make up for that $2,000 sale? (Do the math – $39.95 a month for the newsletter – that’s it!).

Even if you stay a subscriber for an entire year you STILL come out way ahead. And the content Mike puts into his newsletter gets better with every issue – Mike even talks about his earlier editions not being up to his standards…

Take advantage of this while you can. It doesn’t go live until March 24th at 1PM eastern, and there are ONLY 5,000 copies. They WILL go fast.

Go watch Mike’s video where he interviews Jordan Hall – one of the MANY success stories with BFM. Then get on the Early Bird VIP List to get notified of the launch.

Oh, and when you sign up, you get Mike’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript PDF absolutely free. He’s been selling THIS at $97 for a couple of years too.

Don’t mis this one.

One thought on “Crazy? Or Shrewd? You Tell Me…

  1. Roger Loh

    Awesome post! GLAD I grabbed a copy of BFM 2.0 in the nick of time…

    And as I shared with you in Vegas, I love the magazines… when I showed to a Internet marketing newbie at PPC Classroom LIVE, her eyes were glued and started taking down notes furiously.

    You’re right, Mike… even a year’s subscription is just a fraction of what some paid for BFM 1.0.

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