2 thoughts on “Crash Courses Coming!

  1. JasonOman

    Wow Mike!

    I gotta admit man, when I first saw that you did some posts on writing an ebook I wasn’t expecting anywhere NEAR the level of depth that you’ve provided here and all for FREE!!!

    GREAT job man!

    I’ll be the first to admit that I took much more of the ‘shortcut route’ with both of my books/ebooks.

    With my first book ‘Conversations with Millionaires’ (which is our #1 Best-Seller at cwmbook.com) I didn’t have to go through the whole ‘writing’ process at all!

    Because it’s transcripts from interviews with a bunch of self-made millionaires. I didn’t have to do any “writing” at all for that one. But, me and my co-author, DID have to use some pretty tricky/cool tactics to turn it into a #1 Best-Seller!
    (How we did that is at: http://BestSellingAuthorSecrets.com)

    Anyway, Way To Go on all this info Mike!

    I’m living proof of the difference that creating a great book can make for someone (I’m a #1 Best-Selling Author and I was featured on a TV infomercial called “Creating Wealth” as well)…

    I haven’t had a J.O.B. for years now and I’m SOO stoked about that! 😉

    I know doing a book isn’t for EVERYONE. But for those that it is a fit for, it can make a TON of difference in your life for SURE! Especially if you just do the things that need to be done to maximize it to the fullest. (Like: http://BestSellingAuthorSecrets.com )

    Way to spread some great inspirational info man! Keep up the great work!

    Jason Oman
    #1 International Best-Selling co-Author (and Creator) of ‘Conversations with Millionaires’ and ‘HowToMakeMoneyOnDemand.com

  2. Michael Ambrosio Post author

    Jason Oman!

    Thanks for your comments and kind words.

    For anyone who has not heard of Jason, you really MUST check out his links. His Conversations with Millionaires eBook was one of the first ebook purchases I ever made on line.

    And Jason’s list is one of the earliest lists I joined and still remain on.

    Smart guy, and a real giver.

    As always Jason – Good to see you back!


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