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  2. stevieod

    I am so skeptical about anything to do with internet marketing, having been ripped off to the tune of thousands of dollars by ripoff scumbags who show no conpunction in even scamming their own mothers for their last dime. I read all of these pollyanna deer-in-the-headlights types who don’t realilze that they are being taken to the cleaners by these so called ‘gurus’. Do they not realize that only 3% of all internet marketers are actually making money online!?! That these 3% own virtually all of the profitable virtual real estate online, and the rest of us poor schlumps get the scraps that are left over, if any.

    If hype is what it’s all about, then there is something seriously wrong with this picture. Because hype does not sell me, only real, bonafide results. Not some phony testimonials complete with stock still pictures anyone can get on the internet.

    Let’s get real folks, and let’s put the fire under the feet of these scumbag scam artists and either get them to deliver the real goods, or send them to jail where they rightly belong.

    I have no high faith that this will be posted as this is not one of the pollyanna giggle pieces that the ‘gurus’ love.



  3. Michael Ambrosio Post author

    Hi Steve,

    I hear what you’re saying. In fact, I used to THINK what you wrote.

    Until I started making money.

    The thing is though, I didn’t spend the thousands that so many people do. There’s no need (although it DOES help speed up the process considerably).

    When people spend their money, the one problem faced is that they assume (or are told and they believe) that they don’t have to lift a finger to make money on line.

    I know from experience that there are a lot more people out there with unrealistic expectations then there are scumbag scam artists…

    And one last comment – you used the word “guru” with disdain yet you have a website called gurugolfer…

    Just thought that was ironic. Do you hate guru’s only in this niche perhaps 😉

    Good luck to you in all your endeavours.


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