How to Write an Ebook Part 1

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Part 1 – Selecting your Topic


Everybody wants to know WHAT to write about.  What is it that people want to read?  What are the “hot topics” that you know will generate some interest if you write about them.


Even though the Internet has changed the face of the world — how we shop, communicate, do business, research and just about everything else — it hasn’t changed what we WANT.  There are classic (and absolutely TIMELESS) topics that are always going to be hot topics.


Here are ten of them.  If you want to know WHAT people want and WHAT you should write about, then find something related to these topics…


1. Making Money.  This one ain’t ever gonna go away.  You can just go ahead and etch it in stone, it’s here for the long haul.  We all want to make money (if for no other reason than to be charitable and give it away to someone else) and some of us (I won’t mention any names :o) are half-crazed for information on how to make money.


If you can show people how to make money (in a legal, moral way, of course) I can assure you, they will buy it.  I guarantee it.


Internet marketing / doing business online eBooks are some of the hottest information products available anywhere in the world.  And for good reason.  People want to make more money.


So, show ’em how to do it.


2. Self Help / Personal Growth.  Another classic topic for writing is what has commonly been referred to as “self help” or “personal growth.”  People want to improve their lives.  Some struggle with addiction and need help in overcoming the struggle.  Other people have low self-esteem or feel depressed.  Some people don’t know how to deal with relationship problems and want to know how to save their marriage.  The list could go on and on.


I’ll make you another guarantee:  show people how to better their lives and they’ll buy from you.  No question about it.


We all have things about our personalities that we would like changed.  Whether we’re shy in public or have a horrible temper or don’t know when to keep our mouths shut, there are things we’d like to improve.


And that’s an eBook waiting for you to write.


3. Weight Loss / Fitness. Even though obesity and illness are at the highest levels ever, people are working hard to reclaim their health and fit bodies.  Gyms are overflowing with sweaty people and stores are selling out of vitamins left and right.  Health and fitness is a writing subject that you can never go wrong with.


Heck, I’ll be your first customer. :o)


The point is this:  we, as a society, want to be healthier and we struggle with being out of shape. 


It’s no wonder that diet and exercise is a multi-billion dollar industry.


Might as well get your piece of the pie.


4. Dating / RelationshipsWhat another great topic for an eBook.  There are dozens of ideas you could use for this one that could each become best-sellers…


How to avoid divorce court.
How to make your marriage last forever.
How to be more romantic.
How to pick the perfect mate.
How to get people to notice you.
How to use online match making services.
How to be a great father / mother.
How to be a great husband / wife.
How to raise great kids.


I mean, we could go on and on and on here.  Play the energizer bunny if we want to.  There are dozens of ideas for this topic and the information sells like crazy.  Why?  Because if we have positive, enriching, growing relationships, we are HAPPIER.  And since we can’t buy happiness in a bottle…


…we buy your eBook instead!


5. Everyday Problems. Let’s face it, we all face problems everyday in our lives.  And often we don’t know where to turn or what to do next.


For example:  If someone is facing foreclosure, do you think they would be interested in finding information on how to avoid it?  You betcha.


I know of one guy who wrote an eBook about BAD BREATH and is selling the thing like crazy.  It’s an eBook on BAD BREATH for goodness sake!  And yet for folks who are struggling with the problem (and I am told it is a common problem — I guess I’ve just been lucky :o) they gladly shell out the $20.00 to find a cure.


Everyday problems.  They are a headache for US, but they are a product waiting to be created by YOU.


Think about things that people deal with every day that are annoying and cost money and time.   And help us out for crying out loud!


6. Hobbies and Crafts. Hot selling items in any bookstore or online as e-books, are information products about hobbies or crafts.  People love making things themselves and getting the self-gratification of a job well done.  You could do some quick research on the Internet to see what some of the most common hobbies and crafts are and come up with some unique ideas.


Some might include woodworking, door wreaths, stained glass and any type of do-it yourself information.  Things like improving your golf game, a guide to stamp collecting, antiques and so forth. 


Recreation is a huge part of our lives.  We all like to spend time enjoying a hobby.  And, we spend a lot of money supporting those hobbies as a society (My wife is a major contributor :o)


Hobby related information products are most always a big hit and certainly warrant consideration when choosing a topic to write about.


7. Recipes.  Talk about a HUGE industry — recipes are IT!  I didn’t realize how big they were until a guy I know started making $30,000 a month selling a recipe eBook!  (That’s a nice chunk of change, don’t you think?) 


I did a bit of research at, the largest pay-per-click search engine and found out that recipes are searched for MILLIONS of times each month.


Anything getting that much attention is money waiting to be made for an eBook author.  I have plans myself to start tapping into that market.  I feel like I’m throwing away money every month that I don’t have a recipe eBook on the market!


You probably are as well.


Definitely something to look into.


8. UFOs.  I was never a Star Trek fan and I didn’t watch a single episode of the X-Files, but UFOs and unexplained phenomenon are HUGELY popular online.  I’m not sure exactly what the fascination is, but these folks tend to be die-hard fans and are passionate about the subject.


Any group of people who have that much interest is a group of people who ought to be offered an eBook.


9. Online Shopping. What tools are available?  Where can you find price comparisons?  Are there free trials available?  Demos?  Where are the best deals?  Are there any meeting places for like-minded shoppers?  Can I browse?


Shopping is becoming a larger and larger industry online (It already is HUGE) as more and more people are buying online, and as people buy more and more.


Some kind of resource directory for shoppers would be a great eBook, I believe.  How to find trustworthy merchants online.  How to find the best prices.  How to get special deals and discounts.  Etc. Etc.


Tips and resources and webpage links — HOW TO SHOP ONLINE…great idea for an eBook. 


You could even get “nichey” and create an eBook on how to shop for “golf accessories” or “fitness stuff” or “Christian materials.”


Or, if you’re really smart, you’ll create an entire series of eBooks on how to shop for just about anything.  One eBook at a time, for dozens of different categories.


10. Technology. I bought a digital video camcorder.  I brought it home.  I looked at the 300 page manual. 


I had no idea how to use it.


If you had an eBook available summarizing in simple details how to use the various features of the camcorder, I’d have paid you $100.00 for it!


And I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Technology is great — but it can be a bit overwhelming.  And, who the heck has 3 days to read through a manual to figure out how to use the darn thing you bought, even if it isn’t overwhelming to you?  I don’t.


I’d rather pay someone to show me how.


And that’s a market you should consider going after. 


There are hundreds of software programs, video games, computers, electronics, etc. that folks would love to be able to figure out how to use QUICKLY AND EASILY.  So, you write tutorials and show us how it’s done.


And we pay you.


And we’re all happy. :o)


Seriously, I think this is one of the biggest industries for information products that is currently untapped.  A sharp writer could make a fortune here.


In our next installment, we will walk you through how to generate ideas and research them thoroughy. Be sure to come back and check it out soon!

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