It’s Not Rocket Science. It’s Just Hard Work!

Every now and again, while perusing well known marketing forums, I see people asking for ways to make money for free. This is far from uncommon. In fact, that used to be me.

Believe me, I know what it’s like to struggle financially. I was born with a splintered spoon in my mouth. All through my childhood my mother worked 3 jobs to keep a roof over our heads. Money was ALWAYS tight.

That followed me to adulthood as well. Bad habits, lack of knowledge, etc. kept me in debt. So when I decided to try to use the internet to make money, I always looked for the “free” ways to do it.

Back then (about 12 years ago now) I also knew that free meant spending more time. You see, nothing is really “free”. You either spend cash, or you spend time – whichever you have more of. I understood this and had no problem spending the time I needed to get things done.

I mention this because I notice that today you have people desperate to make money, yet have gotten so convinced (thanks to aggressive marketing) that there are all these “push button” and instant solutions out there. When they find out it’s mostly smoke and mirrors, they get a little upset.

I don’t blame them for getting upset. What gets ME is the same people getting upset over and over, because even though they get taken time and again by the easy solution products, they continue to fool themselves that having an on line business doesn’t require any work.

So in essence, they want things free, and they want them easy.

To that I say…grow up.

Would you open a “dirt world” store, or pizzeria and expect it to be free? Or run itself? Then why would you think an on line business would be any different?

Yes, the marketing can be very aggressive. It can also be misleading. But people also need to take responsibility for their decisions. Remember the old saying:

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”

Be diligent. Do your homework. Prepare yourself with the understanding that sacrifices need to be made if you want this to work for you.

Your attitude will dictate how things go for you as well. You MUST have the right mindset for this, or ANY business. You need to understand that things will NOT always go your way and that SOMETIMES…it’s your own fault.

Always blaming the big guys for your lack of success will only guarantee continued lack of success. Use those bad experiences to educate yourself.

You get crappy customer service? Great! Now you know how NOT to service a customer. You just get “ripped off” by purchasing a crappy product? Don’t bitch. Create high quality products and outsell the person who sold the crap.

Finally, a few things to consider…

If you are damn near broke and know nothing about online business, then get a job. Learn the online stuff in your spare time. You can do it – all you need to do is turn off the television and you will free up considerable time (going by national standards).

Trying to start an online business when you’re broke and desperate for money is like going to the supermarket while you’re starving.

If you’re not ready to accept money, then it won’t come. Trust me – there is much to that statement. I learned it the hard way. Prepare your mind for wealth.

Don’t be discouraged by what I wrote here. Just be open minded. Remember, you CAN make money on line once you have the foundation down. I have been for a few years now.

Be ready to work for it. Be ready to take responsibility for your own actions. Be ready to accept money. Then, you will be ready for success.

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