Page Ranking Confusion Now Clarified

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Google Ranking has continually confused large numbers of users and website SEO specialists alike over the years. Page Ranking and Google “Index” Ranking while appearing similar they are completely different overall!

I am going to attempt to reduce this down to laymen’s terms and provide some clarity on this, often times, misrepresented issue. Most everyone I encounter asks for and seeks a number one page ranking on the Google results page. They don’t typically care how it happens they just know they want it! Big problems can arise with this uneducated approach because Google Index Ranking and Page Ranking are two very different things.

Google Index Ranking is what they actually seek because Google Page Rank is a means in which to evaluate the overall quality and usefulness of any given website. So when people tell me they want a high Google Page Rank

I immediately answer… “Do You Want to be Found on Page One of the Google Search Results as Well”?

As they look at me with complete confusion and in some cases anger and outright frustration I begin to explain the difference. Many times I will gain someone’s confidence and other times they think I am yanking their chain a bit. Either way… I know the seeds have been planted for a better understanding of what they need and not necessarily what they think they need or continually seek.

This opens the door to what I call “Feeding the Monster and Oiling the Engines”. It’s not just one thing that gets you to the top of Page One on the Google Search Engine Results page, it’s doing a great many things all of which need to be choreographed correctly around key search terms and phrases month in and month out over and over again.

The following is a minimum level of search engine food that must be fed to the monster every month to ensure the engines are oiled and run smoothly for your website to be found.

• Generating fresh original content

• Creating a press release

• Making a video

• Establishing quality backlinks

• Submitting to directory listing sites

• Participating in social marketing (if applicable)

This is where utilizing a Website Promotion Outsourcing company can assist you in your quest for a top spot in the Google search results. I am simply stating the facts when it comes to “effectively” getting the job done and what must be done every month to climb to a top Google page ranking and moreover stay there once you’ve arrived.

I can tell you right now that not many understand what it takes to achieve a high Google page rank or what it takes

to be highly ranked on the Google search results page. Even fewer still actually make the investment to get it done!

Anyone can do this! I encourage you to find out how to do it or seek the help necessary to make it happen for your

business. Do not get caught up in the “fast track” and totally automated approaches being pitched all over the Internet.

  • It takes real people, doing real work to make it happen naturally and acceptably in the eyes of ALL the Major Search Engines.

Good Luck and may your journey to a “top” Google Index Page Ranking position or “high” Page Rank score be ultimately rewarding.Please do a little research and inform yourself about the difference between the Google search results page position and Google “Page Rank”. I think you’ll become clear very quickly which will allow your website promotion campaign to really begin, proceed and hopefully really take off like it should.

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