Popup Windows Software – Is It For You?

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It could be said that the popup windows software revolution has ended, yet their conceptual evolution rages on with ferocity. How then is it possible one can ultimately benefit from the extreme negative labeling now associated with popups in general.

Suggesting in any way that there is a definitive right or wrong answer for an individual or website(s) potential advertising needs would result in premature suicide. That is precisely why a great many marketers continue to originate various popup style campaigns and utilize this very powerful means of advertising.


For instance, there is no disproving that popover, popunder, peel away or the old standby popup windows style uses still remain a time tested method of increasing your subscriber list(s) and sales. Now at the very same time it is tremendously important that one objectively analyze the following. Exactly how are those popup ads being used and have they become overly intrusive in acheiving the ultimate goal(s).

The following, potentially major, criteria should be heavily considered whenever pop up windows software is being implemented for the first time. Once your website or blog has an attractive layout and is very well balanced with great content it is time to document everything.

Use Google Analytics, spreadsheets, coded pages, Slim Stat or other tracking devices and truly inform yourself about the overall traffic, opt-ins and conversions to sale. Let some time go by for accurate statistics to compile and then start using minimal popup advertising and/or introduce peel away ads tastefully. This is a great, non-intrusive, way to enhance your marketing activity and potentially set up a content launch with a newly associated Adword campaign.

Utilize this gentle persuasion tactic in whatever format you deem most prudent for increased overall attention and focus on the targeted goal. I will tell you right now that practice makes perfect. Trial and error situations produce data which leads to favorable and unfavorable statistics. These statistics will dictate what has worked and what you should leave in place, add to, reduce or remove entirely in appropriate measure.

Now Its time to start asking… how can I utilize this newly implemented popup window advertising to expand what has now proven previously effective. Believe me when I tell you I would not be writing this if I did not already know that you will need this information.

If you’re asking why and at the same time saying I have already tried this and had no favorable results. The factual answer is because you did NOT complete all the above steps properly. When you actually take the time and finish reading the very pertinent information later in this article you will have an increase across the board regarding opt-ins, traffic, mailing list and ultimately conversions.

I have seen people utilize the “WOW” styles and methods of pop up software which may or may not work effectively over time. Honestly, I have no truly credible data either way on this style of use except to say; several marketing gurus obviously get results. Otherwise, it would not still be done that way, now would it.

Your tutorial begins now. It is our finding that popup windows software advertising consists of three basic elements. They are the HEADLINE, Sub-Headline and a Call to Action! An extensive breakdown of these three very integral components will be covered in an upcoming article.

The popup itself is NOT an advertisement and you must always remember this or failure is eminent.

Your goal here is to create an irresistible curiosity of sorts. The higher level of intrigue or “itchier the itch” the better the results every time. The bottom line is be persuasive without being pushy, be creative not chaotic and remember the main key to selling has always been and always will be advertising with generous tasteful promotion.

We could go into great detail on what popup windows software is available in the marketplace and which ones are best at getting the job done for you. I have only one thing to tell you here and that is if they can block it, you lose. Therefore, products that specify “you cant block this” technology should be sought out.

In conclusion it must be stressed that the key to running any successful popup advertising campaign is to be absolutely certain you have something worthwhile to say or offer. If any popup is to be successful it must be target specific with purpose. Use them with care and plan the use of each one.

If your popup ad does not have specific relation to the landing page or provide a logical explanation as to visitor benefit then DON’T PUT IT THERE!

There are an endless number of uses for tastefully constructed and well choreographed popup window advertising campaigns and rest assure they WILL always promote results. Never ever forget to generate visitor benefit without chaos as well as utilization of thematically related subject matter. Always, always and always remember this and the original question posed as topic for this article becomes a self explanatory no brain-er. If you win and your site visitors win how could it not be for you?

Should you choose to grow and prosper your business we wish you well on your upcoming success. We are painfully aware of the alternative many have unfortunately succumbed to. That being the lose lose result of listening to those people saying popups are annoying and don’t work.

Hold out with them avoiding the extraordinary benefits you will receive. Or get started now and see for yourself the magical power of pop up window ad campaigns. Good luck, have fun with it and your business aspirations will be realized.

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