The Google “Traffic & Page Rank” Saga Continues…

Some things simply never change and that helps YOU! I just had the opportunity to listen to a podcast from two long time wizards in the Google traffic game and what I heard was nothing new for me!

Everyone NEEDS website traffic and that’s a fact! When it comes to thriving or just surviving on the Internet there is absolutely no substitution for acquiring more “targeted” unique visitors that are interested in what you do, sell or have to say. Let’s just focus on the latter for a moment. It was said long time ago by this guy who owns Microsoft and it goes something like this:

  • “Content is going to one day determine the individual success or failure of people on the Internet”

That comment was made about 15 years ago and it is so true today that the entire playing field has taken an entirely new approach and scope to increasing visitors and business alike via the Internet! Entire website promotion marketing strategies have been completely reconfigured and billions of dollars are being spent to get up to speed with this very real marketing necessity!

We are dealing with the very same Internet in a whole new light. Believe me when I tell you that “Content is Everything” and more is still needed! It becomes your true “Public Perception Branding Identifier”, your key to increased search engine recognition, a critical avenue of communication regarding your transparency, a main business news hotline and genuinely explains why you do what you do to help people accomplish their goal or answer their question! Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of proper inbound content marketing and website promotion!

I have been evaluating this “Google Traffic Myth” for quite some time now and what I have been hearing from clients, business owners, partners, friends, family and Internet Marketers in general who are all real people fighting this very real battle is:

  • I heard back links are very important
  • I heard I need fresh original content
  • I heard landing page SEO is critical
  • I heard that Social and Viral marketing may be helpful depending on my niche
  • I heard that all I need is a Google Directory Listing
  • I heard that having a blog is good
  • I heard that giving something away is a good idea and so on and so on and so on!

TRUTH IS; you simply need all of this at periodic times throughout any given marketing or website promotion campaign in order to satisfy any of the major search engines! It’s not some “super thermal analytical all knowing algorithm” that no one can beat its simply doing everything over and over and over so when they seek “quality backlinks” YOU HAVE THEM. When they seek “fresh content” YOU HAVE IT. When they seek “overall usefulness” YOU HAVE PROVED YOU ARE!

That’s the deal here! No shortcuts, no easy way to beat the system, no instant road to the top it’s just a combination of what we all know the major search engines are seeking. Now here comes the cool but tricky part; knowing how to best accomplish this in a sequence that feeds the monster when they alter what’s being sought or weighted most heavily AT THE RIGHT TIME!

You see; again, it’s nothing new and was once coined as “Content is King” and then “Content is Cash” which I still consider unbelievably important; however, it only covers part of the story here. My personal viewpoint is “Feed the Monster & Oil the Engines”! This is what will keep your website running smoothly, allow you a chance to continually be found on the Internet and most of all deliver the proper message to both the general public and search engines alike!

While I could certainly go on and on about the best way to do this and the stuff you do or don’t need to buy to make it happen I will close by saying; it’s nothing new and anyone can do it! Good luck and don’t forget to feed and oil the monster often… OK!

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