The Website Promotion Game – Outsourcing & Immersion Always Pay Off!

There are numerous avenues to pursue when it comes to being found on the Internet. However, there is one critical thing that remains constant and simply can’t be ignored:

  • Generating Fresh Original Content of All Kinds on a Regular Basis is Mandatory!

The major search engines continually want to know that your website is there to help people. The primary way for them (the SE’s) to ensure your website does that is by continually sending out spiders to check you out! That being said we must also take into consideration how the search engines actually determine your websites overall usefulness. Let’s keep that simple with quick little Question & Answer series below called “As the Search Engines See My Website.”

  • Q – What is your website linking structure and who is pointing to you. A – quality back links
  • Q – Where and how do you re-direct visitors from your website, A – outbound links
  • Q – Are you supporting RSS feeds of any kind and what is the in/out function. A – “feed burner” data
  • Q – Is your landing page setup properly and ultimately useful. A – website SEO & authority
  • Q – How many people are recommending your site and why. A – social marketing activity
  • Q – What is your website providing & saying to the general public. A – fresh original content

Together this all becomes your personalized “website identity” to the major search engines! It’s no big mystery or a game that you can’t win. In fact, it’s a game very much worth playing! Once the initial time investment is made to complete your setup properly you are instantly in the game and moving towards a page one Google ranking!

Determining exactly what constitutes winning the game often varies greatly based on what YOUR website purpose truly is! Do You Really Even Know?

Let’s take a look at that for a moment. You have just invested both your valuable time and hard earned money into your NEW website promotion campaign; however, have you done it properly? In laymen’s terms the definition of “immersion” is: to become fully aware or dive in to a level of much greater understanding.

Simply put, you need to specifically identify your ultimate goal prior to accomplishing it. This is where so many people fail or fall short in “the game” you need to play. The key to success comes when you educate yourself, seek help, do the research and develop your own personal website promotion and marketing battle plan.

How do I know what works and where do I start is an often asked question about now. Well, it’s simple; start spying on those that have succeeded before you! This is quite legal and if you don’t it becomes quite possible to start traveling in numerous “off path” directions you don’t want or need to go.

Investigate your competition and find out what they are doing:

  • Analyze what’s working in your sector or niche on the Internet
  • Become familiar with each piece of the website promotion puzzle you need to implement

This is a great point to stop and say: You don’t need to do it all yourself! You just need to understand what needs to be done! BINGO – Enter Website Promotion Outsourcing!

Who has time to write five or more articles a month, create a video and post it on a hundred video posting sites each month, write a press release each month, establish hundreds of “quality” oriented back links every month, complete dozens of directory submissions every month, setup and maintain your “Social Marketing” sites on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Digg, Squiddo etc. etc. etc. each month and RUN YOUR BUSINESS!? Typically the answer is NOBODY does.

The nominal monthly investment it takes to have competent professionals perform some or all of these tasks for you is quite frankly priceless.

Doing all of this each month and much, much more is NOT and should NEVER be viewed as a problem or as an obstacle! It must be done in order to become successful on the Internet in terms of index ranking and more importantly to remain findable month after month to the people that are seeking your services or products.

So in essence it becomes and should always be viewed as…. YOUR BUSINESS SOLUTION. All you need to do is commit to the initial immersion step of truly understanding which website promotion pieces you need and how they work in order to start winning the game. It’s called becoming educated about your business future via website promotion; No more, no less!

I am forever being asked “Can you please just help me get started and I will do the rest”. I now have only one answer for this question and it goes like this:

“You will never truly get started unless you understand what the rest really is! Immerse yourself with me or another experienced website promotion expert for 90 days and your business success becomes the rest!”

By planning the proper route to YOUR ultimate goal with the assistance of professionals YOUR purpose remains on point and clearly attainable. By jumping in without the plan this entire process becomes quite unmanageable. I see as many people fail as succeed because they never really get started. Your initial time is all that is required to make your Internet Exposure Dream, for your business become a reality! It’s all auto pilot after that and you can leave the driving to us!

Be smart, do this right and you’ll be building on a winning model that continually becomes an evolution to personalized website perfection. No matter how many times things change along the way or how big your business grows you can always adapt effectively! Staying ahead of all those now chasing you in quest of your hard earned and newfound “Page One” Google Index Ranking Spot that searches now find your business located.

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