Think you can write a book? Join us.

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It’s time to get that book out of your head and onto!

Imagine YOU, a Best Selling Author… getting interviewed on television and radio, maybe even Oprah…

Think it’s not possible? Don’t sell yourself short.

If you don’t get started, it will never happen.

Join me on December 11th, 2008 at 9 pm when I’ll be talking with freelance author, editor, and copywriter, Faye Levow, about the secrets of making your book a reality instead of a fish tale!

For several years she has been helping authors get their books ready for publication and now she wants to help you with yours!

On this call, you will discover why a book can help you increase your business, how to get started writing and the secret to writing your book without ever putting your pen-to-paper or fingers-to-keyboard!

If you are serious about getting your book written, clear your schedule for this very important call!

Is there a book in your future?

Add this date and time your calendar now: December 11th, 2008 at 9 pm.

Click this link for the call-in information:


Hey – you a Warrior? 

I got a special running on the WSO forum:

Don’t miss it – there’s a limited number available!

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