Traffic Fusion Super Bonus

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Today is the call with Tellman Knudson and Mike Filsaime. If you have not yet registered, you need to do that now:


Make sure you register because Mike will also be revealing the price of Traffic Fusion a full day before launch.


You’re also going to see many of the bonus emails going out today. There’s going to be a lot to choose from.


When you choose a bonus package from the many affiliates, make sure you base your choice on these two important factors:


 – Relevance
 – Distractor Factor


With the first one, what good is a bonus that does not compliment the product and what you are trying to accomplish in your business?


With the second one, if the relevance is not there, it’s simply a distraction. And as we all know, we DON’T need more distractions!


I put together a short video to show you the bonuses you will get when you grab Traffic Fusion from me when it launches tomorrow.


Watch the video and don’t forget to register.

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