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Video Marketing

Are you using video as part of your marketing arsenal? If you’re not, you’re behind the times. It’s a fact that sites like YouTube get millions upon millions of searches every day.

In my business of offering SEO services, part of our packages are to create and distribute videos to these video sharing sites. The value of the back links make them well worth the time and energy (not to mention the message about your product or service in the video itself).

There are many reasons to use video in your marketing. Here are just a few:

People like watching videos. In fact, many people would prefer to watch a video than read your website. A video grabs your visitors attention and piques their curiosity.

Keeps your visitors on your site longer. Also known as “bounce rate”, you want your visitors to stay on your site as long as possible. The longer they stay the better the chance of your visitor taking your desired action.

Increases your brand awareness. People are more likely to “pass around” your video than your sales page. Sooner or later, you will have thousands, perhaps even millions of viewers who will see your videos. The more it’s seen, the more people become aware of you, your products or your services.

Here are some statistics for you – According to Borrell & Associates:

Online video spending is forecasted to account for more than 1/3rd of all online advertising in 5 years.
Over 40% of consumers watch online videos on at least a weekly basis; over 70% at least monthly.

In the last 10 years, the money spent on production and use of videos for marketing and advertising has steadily increased in to the billions of dollars. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down!

Not Using Videos? Why Not!

Many people stop short of doing videos because of 2 very common reasons. Lack of technical or creative ability to create the videos. Lack of money to pay someone to make the videos.

It takes special software, time and experience to make videos. And perhaps you don’t have the money to buy the tools, or expertise to create and edit your videos. Or, no money to hire someone to do this! I have an answer for you…

Let’s understand something here first. When we talk about making videos for marketing, you don’t need to make “commercial quality” videos. Those take a lot of money. You’re a small business – who has that kind of budget!

But I am also not suggesting you make some crap video that doesn’t convey your message (or worse – confuse the viewers).

So what do you do?

Video Niche Dominator

This is a great new tool from Jonathan Teng. It is essentially a very SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE way to make videos very quickly. In fact, you can literally make dozens at one time. And did I mention simple?


Visit the link right now and watch the videos on the page.He put up many samples to show what his software can do. And be sure to watch his demonstration video.

Now it’s easier – and cheaper – then ever before to make videos part of your marketing and advertising arsenal.  Jonathan even includes royalty free images and music loops to get you started. I bought Video Niche Dominator and made five videos in about 15 minutes! Take a look:

I made this with NO planning just to see how well it works. Imagine how good your videos will be when you plan them out. Use your own images, music – even voice-over and you now have completely original videos to tell people about your products!

Don’t wait. There’s no more excuses for not using videos!


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