Your Email List & Customer Service – Are They Synonymous?

We are now living in a customer service oriented world, yet many internet business providers fail to capitalize on this very important basic fact. Yes, I said capitalize because when you give a customer what he or she wants or asks for and then fail to follow up you are potentially leaving big money on the table. Not following up is actually a disservice and does not provide any customer service at all! How about that well known fact that  you can’t please all the people all the time. Conversely, the prudent move is to always try to please all the people all the time because its good business and makes money!
The majority of us will mail out to our full list whatever product or service we have and wait and see what happens then say well that’s that and as a general rule move on to something else. What if you provide the specific product being promoted on this first run full list mailing wait a few days and put a slight twist or heighten a sense of urgency for the product. Maybe change the general pitch or expand the benefits and send it again. Then, without being intrusive or overly pushy you ask what they thought or what they would like to see and send it out again. Then do another subscriber list follow up on that third mailing or a quick survey and so on thus continually putting the product in front of them for consideration. This is not as time consuming as you may think and it really works. Completing this process for each new product or service offering is well worth the minimal time investment devoted as I will soon be showing you.
The most important cold hard facts to remember are these: Your subscribers and clients might not even open the email the first time it is received or they don’t find it important or interesting enough or they don’t have time to read the damn thing due to a busy schedule and so on and so on. We have all been in these “not willing to” type positions so why act as if they don’t exist by only sending something out one time without a follow up to acquire more buyers and interest. These situations are very real, they do exist and this does not even consider the person that just won’t buy the first time or even the second time he is presented with an opportunity. Well, again what about the third time! We did not even try for the second run let alone a third. When shown to me this is where I began to see the logic and validity of follow ups or lack thereof in my case when I was not following up. 
There is an art to this type of follow up marketing and most people need some form of help to fully understand how to accomplish a campaign of this sort without irritating their current subscribers or members. I know for a fact I was not willing to potentially compromise my existing subscriber lists by providing a sheer nuisance of repetitive emails on the same topic.
That was the case until I was actually shown how to operate an automated system of doing follow ups that genuinly worked. It has made me more money by distributing and re-distributing the same product while simultaneously portraying me as a customer service KING to my members, clients  and subscribers. This is exactly the type of information I would enjoy sharing with you. I want everyone to prosper if they have worthy/honest ideas and products along with an established mailing list. You can decide for yourself. Is your email list not only synonymous with customer service or is it actually the natural pathway to increased sales and service as a whole? 

When following up properly your subscribers do not become annoyed. In most cases quite the contrary occurs and they will become somewhat impressed by your personalized involvement and general overall concerns regarding their success. Let them see what you have as often as possible and then listen to what they have to say. The majority will appreciate your efforts and in turn you will be making more money by presenting the same product effectively with minimal additional effort. 
Good luck on all your endeavors and remember the customer is always right, unless proven wrong, so give him as many opportunities to let you know that as possible. This yields you an opportunity to provide something such as an affiliate product to them or another one of your products as a potential solution in fulfilling their specific needs. At the very least you will be giving them the satisfaction of venting, being heard and developing a high confidence level in receiving a reply from you which is what builds long lasting business relationships. 


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